Calculate how much child allowance (קצבת ילדים / kitzbat yeladim) you are entitled to from Bituach Leumi with a very simple online calculator.

With the recent changes made to child allowances, many people are wondering what they should be receiving each month.

baby with moneyChild Allowance Basics
The National Insurance Institute (המוסד לביטוח לאומי / HaMossad LeBituach Leumi) pays a monthly child allowance to Israelis with unmarried children under the age of 18.  The money is deposited each month on or around the 20th of the month.

Calculating Your Child Allowance
You can find out how much you should be receiving using one of the following…

  1. Child allowance calculator – You only need to enter in two numbers: how many unmarried children under the age of 18 you have, and how many of those children were born after 1 June 2003.
  2. Child allowance table – If you prefer to see where the numbers come from and make the calculation on your own, then you can do so using the information in the table.

Hope the transition to the new formula doesn’t hit your wallet too hard!

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