18 July 2019

Send SMS text messages for free to Israel & the US via Gmail

SMS text messages are a quick and convenient way to get in touch with someone, but as the month rolls on they can start to take a bite out of your wallet.  For those in the know, Gmail offers a solution that can help keep your SMS cost in check.

Glasses for 85 shekels or less at Zenni!

How much did you pay for your last pair of glasses?  I paid about 60 NIS including frames, lenses, and coatings!  Was it a super sale at Optical Halperin or Opticana?  Nope!

Payless Shoesource now in Israel

Discount shoe retailer Payless Shoesource has entered the Israeli market, promising to bring convenience and good prices to local consumers. As of this week, Payless stores are open in Petach Tikva’s Avnat Mall and Beersheva’s Seventh Avenue shopping center.

Save on TV with DTT

To those still using rabbit ears, the age of analog broadcasts in Israel is over.  But, there is a great opportunity for all TV watchers – including YES and HOT subscribers – to get a small package of channels for the one-time payment of a DTT set-top box.

More water for less

If you’ve been worried about the rising cost of water, then you can breathe a little sigh of relief.  Your costs will be going down.

Funny ad informs of cellular consumer rights, free phone unlocking

The Ministry of Communications (MOC) is spending 3 million NIS to let consumers know about the new laws which benefit mobile phone consumers.  As part of the MOC campaign, in a humorous ad, outspoken Israeli sports journalist and commentator Ron Kaufman coaches a group of consumers in how to deal with cellular companies with their […]

Now break your long-term cellular contract for cheap

Stuck in a long-term cellular contract?  As of this month, the big fines and exit fees hanging over your head have been greatly reduced.