About No Fryers
Are you tired of being a fryer?  (Or, is it frier, freier, or friar?)  Fryer or פרייר in Hebrew means ‘sucker’.  Being a fryer happens often to new immigrants, though even native Israelis can fall victim.

Have you ever…?
– felt a gnawing in the pit of your stomach when the insurance agent reassured you with a gentle smile while saying that ‘everyone just signs the forms’ (is that true?  is that supposed to make me feel better anyway?)
– wondered what your rights are as an employee or consumer?
– struggled to find out about deals?

If you’ve ever found yourself in those or similar situations, then this blog is for you.  Together, we will try to confront and understand some of the issues that come up in daily life in Israel – and find ways to better understand what’s going on, stay informed, and even get ahead.


About Mr. Matzliach
Yehoshua Oz, a.k.a. Mr. Matzliach, is no fryer!  With a strong business acumen and the ability to present complex concepts in an understandable way, Yehoshua is his friends’ go-to-guy when they need someone in-the-know.  In 2010, Yehoshua realized there might be a lot more people who could benefit from his tips and knowledge, and NoFryers.com was born.

With a breadth and depth of experience in PR and marketing across the government, non-profit, and high-tech sectors, Yehoshua is currently utilizing his marketing and communications skills in the burgeoning Israeli high-tech sector.


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