A Bezeq outage yesterday caused a lot of frustration for home and business subscribers.   And, Bezeq is now trying to make it up to you.

From Sunday 30.01.2011 through Saturday 05.02.2011, Bezeq customers can make up to 1,000 minutes in calls to cellular numbers for free! No registration is necessary; all customers are eligible.  As The Marker reports:

מבזק נמסר: “ניתן יהיה לנצל את ההטבה החל מה-30 בינואר ועד מוצאי שבת ה-5 בפברואר. אין צורך בהרשמה לקבלת ההטבה, והיא מופעלת באופן אוטומטי לכלל מנויי בזק”.

So, everyone grab an old-fashioned landline and get ready to gab!

2 thoughts on “1,000 minutes of free calls to cellular lines for Bezeq customers

    1. Great question, Chana. As strange as it may seem, the offer only includes calls to cellular numbers and not landline (e.g. Bezeq, Hot, 012).

      I double-checked that with a representative at Bezeq by dialing 199. The full, fine print details of the offer can also be found on Bezeq’s website.

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