30 August 2015

Find Polio Vaccination Center Near You

Israel Ministry of Health's two drops polio vaccine campaign

The Ministry of Health has opened clinics throughout Israel to offer the polio vaccine at a location and time convenient to you.


Free skin cancer screenings


The intense Middle Eastern sun can put you at higher risk of skin cancer.  Celebrate Skin Cancer Awareness Week with a free screening.


Hiring an exterminator? Make sure he’s licensed!

check exterminator license

Looking to get rid of insects, rodents, or other unwanted pests? If you are hiring an exterminator, check online to make sure he’s licensed.


Transplant priority list going into effect, sign up now!

Adi organ donor card

As of 1 January 2012, those signed up for the Adi organ donor card and their families will enjoy priority as transplant recipients.


Switch your kupat cholim (health fund) online

Mouse click

The National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi / ביטוח לאומי) has made it possible to switch health funds (kupot cholim / קופות חולים) online.


Maccabi reminders update on lab results, appointments

Maccabi health services

Wish there was a better way to find out about lab results or be reminded of appointments?  Maccabi health fund offers a personalized reminder service.


Free flu shots now available

vaccine shot

With fall comes the flu.  Now is the time to get prepared for the flu season with a free flu shot from your local health fund (קופת חולים / kupat cholim).