24 July 2014

Daylight saving time 2013 ends; switch back your smartphone

clock warning

Israeli daylight saving time is ending. If you changed your smartphone settings, it will soon be time to switch back.


Update smartphone for 2013 Israeli daylight savings time change

broken clock

With Israeli daylight savings time changed to match Europe in 2013, most smartphones will be an hour off. You can fix them with a few clicks.


Free international numbers for your Israeli cell phone at Golan Telecom


Want an easy way for people abroad to reach you? Golan Telecom offers local numbers abroad that are forwarded to your Israeli cell phone.


Waze: totally-free, traffic jam-busting GPS


No need for standalone GPSs or expensive GPS software on your cell. Your smartphone can be your all-in-one, super-duper navigation system.


Nationwide emergency drill – 14 February 2013

Home Front Command

Tomorrow 14 February 2013 the Home Front Command will carry out a nationwide emergency drill for our kids.


Golan Telecom offering Unlimited plan at intro price of 49 NIS


Golan Telecom, for a limited time only, is offering a shockingly cheap plan to get you to switch your Israeli cellular phone provider.


Listen to live Israeli radio from your smartphone

tfsRadio Israel

Want to listen to the radio or need to keep up with live news when you’re on the go or at work? ┬áThere’s a smartphone app that can help you do just that.