22 February 2018

Reserve Your Space & Park in Tel Aviv for Half-Price with Pink Park

Parking in Tel Aviv can be a frustrating and expensive affair.  With Pink Park, you reserve a space in advance or find one on demand, and pay by credit card – all at a fraction of the cost of nearby lots.

Last week, I was headed to an all-day conference at a seaside hotel.  In the hotel lot, parking for the day was going to be very expensive.  And, as I drove by the hotel, I could see the line of cars waiting to go in, extending out into the intersection.  Luckily, I had scouted out a spot less than 300 meters away on Pink Park.  The spot was easy to find and cost me 60% less than the hotel!

The Pink Park Model

Pink Park relies on the “sharing economy” model.  Private spaces are made available at a fraction of the cost of parking lots in the area.

The advantages of Pink Park include:

  1. The ability to find and reserve parking spaces in advance
  2. Payment is by credit card
  3. Costs are clearly outlined, including hours that are charged and hours that are free or discounted

In addition to Tel Aviv, Pink Park has a modest presence in other cities, such as Herzliya, Ramat Gan, Rishon LeTzion, Jerusalem, and Petach Tikvah (see their site for more details).

Signing Up for Pink Park

Signing up and reserving my first space took me just a couple of minutes.

  1. Download Pink Park (Android or iOS)
  2. Add your car information, including its size
  3. Add your credit card info

After that, you can type the address of your destination and begin searching for parking in the area.


Happy parking, and feel free to share your experience with Pink Park or similar services in the comments.


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