22 February 2018

Find Your Polling Place

Where do I vote?  Israeli voters may only vote in their assigned polling station. Find out where you will be voting in the upcoming elections.

Last Updated on 12 January 2015 for the 17 March 2015 elections for the 20th Knesset
As in the 2013 Knesset and 2013 municipal elections, you may find out where you are assigned to vote in a few different ways.

Where Do I Vote?  Find Your Polling Place Online or By Phone.

There are four ways to check whether you are on the electoral rolls and registered for the right place.

  1. Israeli ballotsOnline
    •     The site is a bit fickle.  If it does not load when you attempt to use it, you may need to try again later or use one of the other means to check your polling place.
    •     Open Chrome or Internet Explorer.  (Users have mixed experience using Firefox.)
    •     Go to https://kalpi.elections.gov.il/.
    •     Enter your Israeli identification number (mispar teudat zehut / מס’ תעודת זהות)
    •     Type in the random string of challenge characters.
    •     Click on “חפש”
  2. SMS: Send your Israeli identification number to 052-999-5522
  3. Phone: Call toll-free 1-800-800-508
    •     The automated response system is available 24 hours a day, except on Saturday.  The system is available in English, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, and Amharic.
    •     Phone operators are available Sunday through Thursday from 08:30 to 22:00 and on Friday from 08:30 – 12:30.
  4. Fax: The hearing impaired can send a fax to 1-800-800-608.

Your results will include the city in which you are registered to vote, the name of the place where you will be voting (e.g., a local school), and the number of your polling station within your polling place.

Why Should I Check My Polling Place?

Except for soldiers, reservists, people who are hospitalized, or prisoners, every Israeli must vote in their assigned polling place.  You will not be allowed to vote elsewhere.

Updating My Polling Place

If you are assigned the wrong polling place (perhaps because you moved but have yet to update your address), contact the Population and Immigration Authority (רשות האוכלוסין וההגירה) of the Ministry of Interior (משרד הפנים / Misrad HaPanim) to update your address immediately.

For the 2015 Knesset electoral rolls, address changes must be complete by 22 January 2015.

You may update your address at your local branch of the Population and Immigration Authority; see the search page to find the branch closest to you.


  1. Hi all,
    Does the SMS service work from overseas? I am getting no answer.
    Thanks, D.

    • Daniel, I am doubtful that it would. If you are overseas, you might be able to use the website, or you can ask a friend to send an SMS or call the toll-free number with your identification number.

  2. I can’t get it to connect from any browser, even after adding it to “trusted” (IE). Could be the firewall at work.

  3. A. Eller says:

    Will someone kindly translate this information for me? Thank you.

    קלפי מס’ 712.0
    עבור ת”ז מספר:
    בי”ס הצנע לכת
    הרב פניזל 2, ירושלים

  4. Robert Segal says:

    I live on Rechov Hanassi in Jerusalem. I am handicapped. How do I determine the nearest handicapped-accessible polling station?

    P.S. I should vote at a school on Gedud Haivri but do not think it is accessible.

    • Robert, that information can be found on the same site. If you type the name of your city into that last blank near the disabled access symbol, you will receive a list of handicap-accessible polling stations.

  5. Do you know what the hours of the polling locations will be? I plan a tiul that day, and want to make sure I’ll get back in time to vote.

  6. Now I’ve actually tried it – the site DOES work in Firefox.

    • It is a neat service, isn’t it? Thanks for the update, Paul. Glad you found it did work in Firefox. It didn’t work for a number of people, so I’ll update the article accordingly.

  7. Let’s just clarify: You can only find out online where to vote in the General Election if you use a particular web browser. Anyone else find this disturbing?
    (But I’m quick to complain – I’m impressed with this simple service)

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