23 February 2018

Buy more online tax free; More about import taxes

You have been waiting for this moment for weeks now, and the blessed day has finally arrived.  You can finally order online without having to shell so much out to the tax man. 

Returning goods, cancelling services for cash

Consumers may return purchases or cancel services for a refund.  However, one must take into account lots of details and exceptions.

Rav-Kav card in Jerusalem, kartisiyot still good for now

The Rav-Kav card has come to Egged.  But, you can relax knowing that your multi-ride tickets (כרטיסיות / kartisiyot) are still usable.

Low-use Cellcom customers save with ‘secret’ plan

Have a Cellcom cell phone line you don’t use much but aren’t ready to give up?  A ‘secret’ plan can keep your line open and save cash.

No exit fees for TV, internet, phone, & int’l calling

Exit fees are going the way of the dodo.  No fees to leave your TV, internet, phone, and international calling providers!

Send SMS text messages for free to Israel & the US via Gmail

SMS text messages are a quick and convenient way to get in touch with someone, but as the month rolls on they can start to take a bite out of your wallet.  For those in the know, Gmail offers a solution that can help keep your SMS cost in check.

Glasses for 85 shekels or less at Zenni!

How much did you pay for your last pair of glasses?  I paid about 60 NIS including frames, lenses, and coatings!  Was it a super sale at Optical Halperin or Opticana?  Nope!