10 October 2015

Free international numbers for your Israeli cell phone at Golan Telecom


Want an easy way for people abroad to reach you? Golan Telecom offers local numbers abroad that are forwarded to your Israeli cell phone.


Hiring an exterminator? Make sure he’s licensed!

check exterminator license

Looking to get rid of insects, rodents, or other unwanted pests? If you are hiring an exterminator, check online to make sure he’s licensed.


Waze: totally-free, traffic jam-busting GPS


No need for standalone GPSs or expensive GPS software on your cell. Your smartphone can be your all-in-one, super-duper navigation system.


Highway 6: It pays to be a member


Anyone can drive on Highway 6 with or without being registered.  Is it worth the cost and hassle to register?


3-minute limit on hold for some customer service calls


Had your fill of elevator music?  No more waiting on the line for half an hour or longer!  As of 12 December 2012, certain customer service calls to businesses must be answered within 3 minutes or they call you back.


Calculate savings with Golan Telecom, HOT Mobile, Rami Levy, Home Cellular


Use the No Fryers calculator to find out whether Golan Telecom, Home Cellular, HOT Mobile, or Rami Levy Communications are right for you!


Buy more online tax free; More about import taxes

online shopping cart

You have been waiting for this moment for weeks now, and the blessed day has finally arrived.  You can finally order online without having to shell so much out to the tax man.